Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Setting priorities.

Back in the 60s I became friends with a neighbor in San Diego who had a great attitude about life.

Beer is to be consumed. Lots of it.

He had the first home beer dispenser setup I had ever seen: a short refrigerator to hold a keg of beer, bottled gas and a tap extending up to pour a frosty mug. Buying beer in kegs was a LOT cheaper than 6-packs or even by the case. He was in the Navy so the PX prices were even lower.

He bought two kegs of Michelob at a time, "in case one runs out over the weekend."

They lived in a 3-bedroom house and had three daughters so he built triple bunks for the girls and used one bedroom for his bar. It had sliding glass doors out to the pool. When the last daughter married and moved away, he knocked out a wall and extended his bar the whole length of the house, into the living room.

Now, he had a 1-bedroom, 1-bar home and his wife especially loved Sunday mornings..."one more sober to day up," she would proclaim.

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At Fri Dec 21, 07:19:00 AM , Blogger joan said...

That picture looks like a period set for a movie.

At Fri Dec 21, 12:50:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

Well, Ray Milland could very easily have filmed 1945's "The Lost Weekend" there.


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