Friday, June 05, 2020

What a pain in the GRASS!

My yard had some low spots  - not really flooding, but areas of standing water after a rain.

My neighbor mentioned he was ordering four truckloads of dirt for his uneven yard.

Hmm,  so I had him order two loads for me.

The trucks arrived and my neighbor Marty helped me spread around my two truckloads of dirt to try to even my terrain. 

Marty spent a LOT of time riding back and forth on his riding mower, dragging a weighted piece of steel mesh to move dirt around and try to make it even.

That effort worked fine, puddles were indeed moved around... BUT NO GRASS has reappeared where the dirt was placed.

Marty also continued working on his yard - front and back - but, unlike me, he addressed it by having several truckloads of mulch delivered.

This he spread around over his similar hard-packed dirt.

Then he rented a HUGE roto-tiller to mix the mulch..along with many bags of grass seed..and then began to water his entire yard.

I had several idle rotating sprinklers and loaned them to him and, for about 20 days, he watered the whole area ....and grass has begun to show. I was envious!

Now, as I wander the affected part of my back yard (I was happy with my front yard and left it to Nature) I have my fingers crossed that the active grass tendrils slowly creeping out over the dirt will EVENTUALLY become the grassy area I used to have.

It is Hurricane Season again here now (June thru November) so LOTS of rain probably will fall. 

Please wish me and my "garden" well and the return of a new "grassy lawn" in my back yard!

Progress has been slow..but I can see some activity of spreading. 

Hey, it COULD turn out OK.

(I also believe in the Tooth Fairy!) 

Click on the photos for more details.

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