Thursday, June 18, 2020

Virus? Get some really BIG Plastic Baggies...

 So, keeping on top of the Covid-19 virus by staying at home, I am watching a LOT of television.

Usually, the NEWS is very depressing but I find myself taking a look at Deborah Norville, the comeback kid of television.

Originally she was to be the on-air replacement for Jane Pauley on NBC's TODAY show but that didn't work for the viewers and she was dumped.

In 1995 she took the helm of Inside Edition, now TV's longest-running, top-rated, and most-honored syndicated Newmagazine on CBS....25 years so far!

In a weekday as usual, I was watching the 4pm local news segment on TV5 WCSC.

Her half-hour show slips in at 4:30 and usually is very entertaining...and informative.

This day she caught my attention - and my camera - when she featured an innovative gym owner who figured a way to reopen during the physical-distancing Pandemic.

He fashioned 12 individual plastic "cubes" so an exerciser was isolated from the others health-seekers.

It apparently cost about $400 in plastic sheets and framing for  each of the cubes.

Some were furnished with a treadmill or an exer-cycle or barbells in others. A well-deserved sweaty hats off to an interesting workaround! wasn't the first time the plastic "bag" idea had been employed and seen on tv!

A few nights ago I had seen a music combo band working TOGETHER on stage, side-by-side, using the same isolation concept.

It was late and I usually watch A LATE SHOW with STEPHEN at home, so this was the live music segment at the end of his show...also on CBS.

It was The Flaming Lips band with a bubble-encased audience as well! They called it  "A socially distant concert."

I did not count the actual number of band members performing as a group - as opposed to individuals musicians in multi-screen attempts we have been seeing recently - but I snapped a few shots as soon as I realized here was something different on the music scene!

 I wrote recently about taking Freeze Frame photos of scenes from movies and tv series when I have had a role as an Extra.

I was NOT onscreen here but knew it would be hard to describe how a live band could safely gather together and perform in front of the camera.

 I did notice that one of the bubbles had TWO drummers inside but most of the others played solo

Of course, there was no bubble-wrapped live audience in the studio... uh, I think.

BUT, when I looked it up online there WAS!

Be sure to check it out! It was the BEST odd concert I have ever seen!!

You know how this works...just click on the photos and the links to see more details.

I really like innovation and here are two fine examples!  Enjoy...

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