Sunday, June 14, 2020

"Here's Lookin' at You, Kid.."

Now that we ALL are staying at home and being in isolation, there is a need to reach out to others!

More so than before the pandemic suggested we keep to ourselves.

That we would be wise to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Work on staying healthy and avoiding contact with the virus.

Amy, my talented daughter in Oakland, California, suggested we "bridge the gap" and do some face-to-face contact via online visual meetings!

Hey,. I like being on tv and in movies so I readily agreed and set up my end of the process.

She and Kathleen did a fine job at their home and we spent almost an hour "together" online.

 (It may have been SKYPE or some other program we used. I'll check on that.)

I am no stranger to catching a Freeze-Frame online.

 Here are views of both sides of the conversation.

I am sharing the ones they sent me and the ones I captured of them.

 You can see the easy exchange we were able to have.

I went through a stage when I really liked Boddingtons,  a light British creamy ale, and that became a prop for both sides of the conversation.

Yes, of course,  I had touted that beer so they searched for some out there in California.

Kathleen said the fancy beer store did not have it but had suggested she check the beer section at a grocery store. Yep, found a 4-pack there.

While she agreed it was smooth and tasty, she admitted she preferred an IPA with more bite.

I often freeze an image onscreen and take a photo.

I captured views of a full band performing onstage during the pandemic...each member isolated in a plastic bubble! I'll show them in my next posting.

It was the unusual closing entertainment on a recent  A Late Show With Stephen Colbert From Home on CBS.

My frequent roles as an Extra on tv shows filming here has honed my skills at catching me in a scene and saving it.

This is a close up of a "Beak Mask" worn by doctors while treating the plague in Europe. It is a scene from THE GREAT about Alexander and Catherine. (That is NOT me wearing the mask).

Here is another Freeze frame showing Seth Meyers in his A CLOSER LOOK.

He shared he too is lacking a recent haircut, due to fears of close contact during precautions to slow the spread of Covid-19.

In the corner behind him is one of his kids who like to wander into the "set" in the attic while Seth is performing.

I have posted an image of me showing the look after almost 4 months since MY last haircut.

Not exactly a screen-save but I did not want this posted and get widespread views.

Sure, it's vanity. And I have fingers crossed that new case numbers go down so Great Clips can accommodate me again.

Hmm, so much for keeping THIS secret.

Speaking of hair - and lack of barbershops being open for trimming us - my favorite comic strip is called Pearls Before Swine by Stephen Pastis.

Stephen addressed this "hair-raising" situation recently and I snapped a photo of the strip to share.

My barber usually is a lady but hugging probably would still be discouraged.

OK, this wandered far afield to include late night tv hosts, the plague and my current hair photo that looks like a bad police mug shot.

As usual, click on the photos and links for more detail.

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