Saturday, October 19, 2019

Possibly In my Senior years plans..

Image may contain: textNot sure of the color but saw this as a smaller vehicle just to zip around town instead of driving my car all the time.

Well, maybe a weekend trip to Darlington Speedway...

My almost 14-year old Saturn goes 0 to 60...eventually.

Bought the 2006 model right around Christmas, 2005;

Only my second NEW car/

The first was a bright orange VW Super Beetle with a curved windshield and a bit more room back behind the steering wheel and a deeper dashboard.

Big Whoop, you say.

Actually, it WAS a great way to stand out in traffic - different from the millions of other VWs.

Oh, I helped push it off the showroom floor and drove my bright orange beauty home to park it proudly in my Burbank driveway.

On Halloween!

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