Saturday, May 18, 2019

It seemed so much larger when I was there...

Have never tried to copy an online photo into my blog before. But, this Super-Ultra-Aerial of Ireland really caught my eye.

I sincerely believe the embedded credit to the crew of the ISS should be sufficient! I am NOT claiming I took this. Would not be able to step back this far. Haha.

I was discussing with a friend my two-week trip to wander all over Ireland and disclosed a gaffe I made  MORE THAN ONCE when getting into the small vans often used for sightseeing tours.

Checking my camera after a round of touring a site, and heading back to the van, I would open the passenger-side door and be confronted with a steering wheel!

Others in the small group who had seen me do this before. would snicker as I quietly closed the door and scooted around to the left-hand side of the very Irish vehicle.

I was in Ireland for two weeks and, after a while (almost 7 days), I would approach the vehicles correctly.

To my credit, I never made this mistake when entering a tour BUS.

I always felt safer in a large bus, looking down at the oncoming traffic.

Especially when it appeared to my American eyes, that there was nobody behind the wheel!

Oh, then I would see there was indeed a driver, on the other side of the front seat.

Whew. Close one. This is a short posing, triggered by the ISS view of all of Ireland.

(Click on the pictures for more detail.) Thanks for a disjointed drive down MY memory lane.

Come again. I'll drive.

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