Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Signs of the Times...

Oh, sure, one of the elephants is PINK.

Even if you are cold sober as you hop off I-95 onto US 17 South heading to Savannah, there they are...two very large pachyderms!

They stand in front of a giant fireworks store.

The intent is to catch your eye, you pull over, park and go inside to buy lots of firecrackers, aerial bombs, and a handful of B-90s. Be very careful!

So far, I have passed at night and the store is not open.

But, recently I stopped and saw that a new warning sign had been added to the exhibition.

Obviously, someone HAD done some climbing so now they are warned NOT to do it.

That's the deal with such warning signs.

Before a person could whine and say "Well, there wasn't a sign saying I couldn't do it."

Even the Lincoln Memorial in Washington had to tell kids of all ages not to use the tempting slide.

(Guess there would be no rule prohibiting sliding UP the railing..except Gravity, of course.)

My camera and I have been observing such warnings and capturing them when seen. Lately, using a cell phone.

 Sadly, warning about the obvious is not limited to just the United States.

I saw this at the conclusion of a summer tour of (some) of Buckingham Palace in London.

OK, let's assume it was a Yank with his vacationing family.

Here they were with a blanket and a picnic basket and the wide, vast, well-manicured green lawn called to them!

Hey, they reasoned nothing says we CAN'T do this here. Now, there is proper signage.
They even threw in a ban on smoking, just to irritate the French tourists.

Sometimes, in lieu of a Welcome sign, the message is all about what will NOT be tolerated.

Let's see...yep, it pretty much covered everything I was wont to try.

Sometimes just concealed weapons are banned.

So, strap on your holster and 6-shooter, podner, and let's see who raises a shaky hand at you.

The ban or warning could be taken out of content misleading a newly-licensed driver.

But, keep your eyes - and tires - on the road.

This is a familiar advice sign you can see many times on Folly Beach, SC.

It IS called "The Edge Of America" but this refers to parking your car on this barrier island 12 miles from downtown Charleston, SC.

I once got a ticket even though I heeded the warning. It did not specify which way to be headed, parking on a one-way street.

Here is a sign with an image called an "Easter Egg."

Sure, we all have seen the familiar signage on their vehicles but had you noticed the green FX portion forms a white direction arrow?

Warning, do not try to study this design while driving!

Clever but awkward to explain to the police when you rear-end the car that stopped in front of you.

Remember, you are always at fault hitting someone in that direction..back of their car.

Well, unless you can prove they were driving in reverse.

OKAY, technically the sign on the left really is a sign you see a lot overseas.

It is a non-verbal way to say the exit is over here.

No language problems.

BUT, I added some signage myself to make a visual joke.

But, cause and effect is not always a pretty picture!

My diet has me counting carbs so staying away from bran.

I also have not seen this "EXIT" sign locally. Whew.

I used to wonder how business was at this Auto Paint and Body Shop.

Not where I would have gone for any finishing work on my car.

A few years ago, it was bought by new owners who specialize in Asian food.

They did clean up the exterior too so I have dropped in for a meal or two.

Guess the previous owner concentrated on what happened inside his shop and did not worry about the rest.

As the region starts to gear up for the next hurricane season, it is good to check details when buying storm-related equipment.

Businesses have caught on to people who buy products specifically helpful in getting through such seasonal woes as loss of power.

During Hurricane Hugo 30 years ago, my folks were wind-battered, lost 9 pine trees (all fell AWAY from the house and lost power for about two weeks.

They were unsure just how long, as it was not a pleasant memory. They recall standing in lines to purchase Dry Ice but gave up as the outage dragged on.

They did say their insurance company paid them for the lost frozen food and some shingle-replacement costs for the roof.

They added, the company later went out of business within weeks. Oh yeah, the check cleared!

Let's wrap us this sign exercise with a view I had while touring Ireland several years ago.

I was pleased to see a lot of English on this mixture, not just Irish.

Not always the case on the Old Sod.

Even the ubiquitous British expression "Mind The Gap Was" on the platform edge at the tube/subway
but, here, it took off in a flowing script I could not figure out.

I took a guess, minded where I stepped and later found out I was correct in my transit assumption.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Thanks for "signing on" to this silly overview of signage.

It could become my signature style of blogging.

A Sign of things to come.

You might say, a clear sign.

And, with that, I am signing off.

And, that's a sign of progress.

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