Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Made me an offering I couldn't refuse...

 So, the name of the place is CODFATHER'S.

You really should have an idea what the menu will offer.

But, my only other time was in its previous location.

A small (700 sq ft) place on Reynolds Avenue in North Charleston.

When I looked it up, I saw it had moved to Spruill Avenue.

That's only about 4 blocks away... but more than twice the size!

Adam Randall, the owner stopped by and verified it now is 1,700 sq ft and he has an option on the vacant place next store.

I had invited some fellow retired buddies of mine to join me for lunch there and suggested we meet at 11:30.

I remembered a crowd - and lines out the door and down the street - on my first visit.

Wow. This crowd was no different even with the larger space!

I saw a small bar (and beer) has been added as well as new items on the menu.

The plan is to expand next door, make it a nice size bar and then gain more booths and tables in the new shop.

My buddies (Prentiss Findlay and Jim Parker) and I opted for the full-size fish and chips and added a serving of the "mushy green peas."

I chose this place despite being on a diet and, even though I was "good" and ate only a few of the fries, my newspaper buddies ate every bit!

The mood in the room was jovial as people placed their orders and found a seat - or waited outside on the patio - and their order was hand-delivered wrapped in white newsprint.

When I had this meal in London, it was served in a grease-stained real newspaper wrapping.

Oh, and the green peas "over there" were soft but not "mushy."

Pies have been added but the huge piece of cod took care of my hunger at lunchtime.

All agreed we would come back again but probably would try to arrive about 11:15 to get a seat in a booth again.

I see people can call ahead for a takeaway (believe that's proper Brit), but I enjoyed the atmosphere as I chatted with my friends and even some people at nearby tables.

Many were first-timers and, I daresay, will be repeat customers!

(Click on the link and the photos for more details.)

I am learning for a diet to be successful, it should accommodate slight variations from time to time.
But, still no desserts for me.

Burp. Excuse me.

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