Sunday, November 04, 2018

Contain yerself!

I can remember when cargo ships were unloaded "by hand."

Many dock workers converged on a ship that tied up and huge nets lifted break bulk material stacked on pallets from the hold of the ship.

Very labor intensive.

Cranes hoisted the filled nets into the air and.....
I don't remember what happened next.

I guess the material was placed in trucks and they drove away.
It was a LOT of work and it took many union longshoremen to load and unload a ship.
  •  Break bulk cargo is typically material stacked on pallets and lifted into and out of the hold of a vessel by cranes on the dock or aboard the ship itself.  
  • The volume of break bulk cargo has declined dramatically worldwide as containerization has grown. 

Today we are used to seeing container ships coming in and out of our harbor.

But, the reality is it is too costly to ship empty containers back to where they came from so they tend to stack up.
Hmm, maybe there is another use for them?

Local celebrity Bill Murray and his partners envisioned a concept of cutting in windows and doors and using them as "rooms" for a business.

Say, a Container Bar where food trucks are invited to come, hook up and serve a variety of foods at the unique neighborhood bar.

The food trucks now have an answer to where do you sit down to eat the food that's just been plated and handed to you.

Standing with food in one hand and a beverage in the other would not be a problem here.

Adding a bar, outdoor and indoor seating and some A-C spaces would round out the amenities.

I have no idea if the costs were very different using these pre-fabricated "buildings" as opposed to building from the ground up, but it is indeed different!

A business likes to stand out and this qualifies.

Instead of aging stacked metal units that would slowly rust sitting outdoors in a large lot, creating an eyesore,  Murray and his partners carved out a new neighborhood destination around the corner from their successful Rutledge Cab Company restaurant.

I kept an eye on the proposed opening and stopped by a week after it opened its steel doors and was warmly welcomed by a young and talented staff.

Good thing that I did because several weeks later, my daughter and her spouse came to visit from Oakland, California.

I was pleased with their reactions when we stopped by for a beverage.

We took advantage of an authentic "Italian" pizza from a parked food truck so explored all of the Container Bar's possibilities.

My daughter remarked that the food truck owner was literally on the phone with his Mom in Italy when we ordered.

He later stopped by to see how we liked his pizza.

He added that his Mom told him she liked the phone call but it was very early in Italy when he called home.

He quickly promised he would watch the time difference in the future. Ciao!

(Click on the link and photos for more details.)

Do yourself a favor and check out this new addition to the local food and beverage scene.

Now that the heat has simmered down a bit, both the outdoor and indoor seating will add to the enjoyment.

Something new in the neighborhood!

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