Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The laughter lingers...

Back on October 17, 2010, I was very pleased to see Tim Conway at the Charleston Performing Arts Center (PAC) do a 3 pm Sunday Matinee (he knew his audience!)

Half the parking lot that day was designated as Handicap parking. 

The Matinee ended in time for the "older" audience to get to the Early Bird dining discount meals in the area. Nobody there had a camera and I am certain, there were very few cellphones.

Tim did the offstage voice to introduce himself and told the audience to take all the photos and videos they wanted. Even using a flash would be OK. 

Safe bet and a funny bit!

He did the inept, numbed dentist routine - still VERY funny - and Dorf the diminutive duffer stood tall. 
He had the "sound man" demonstrate how an echo effect is achieved. 

He opened with a funny question and answer session a la Carol Burnett before the show started that also was hilarious! 

It was a really fine afternoon show and I am pleased I got a few pictures that I just pulled up from my files to share. 

Enjoy  - this is my personal Tribute to a terrific comic genius!

(Click on the photos for more details.) 

Thank you for coming along to revisit a memorable show by a man who will always be known as a GREAT funny man!

Thank you Tim Conway!

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