Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tin Roof musical treats..

An unplanned evening often is the best kind.

My buddy came by and we decided to go eat at Yo Bo Cantina in Park Circle.

It is well known for its big, fat, and tasty burritos and its large Mason jars of MargaRitas. During happy hour, they are extra reasonable and not too bad the rest of the night.

I sipped an IPA beer and noshed on the chips and guacamole platter as my buddy worked his way through a veggie Burrito-in-a-bowl.


Then he remembered there was a 2-act show at the Tin Roof, so we headed there, arriving just as the first act -local Lily Slay - finished her sound check.

Naturally, I snapped a few photos with my cell phone.
As stated, this was not a planned event so my camera had stayed at home.

I have enjoyed comic and singer Lily Slay several times before when she teamed up with Mackie Boles and they perform as the Royal Tinfoil.

Tonight Lily was solo and opening for her friend Lara Hope, down from New York and ending a grueling regional tour with 3 weeks to go.

By herself - well, with a drummer backing her - I was thinking back to when I had met Mama Cass Elliott on a set at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

Miss Elliott was starring in a film on the lot and I was a publicist at the time.

Tonight was a mix of comedy and song and I laughed while sipping a beer when she sang an original love song about a wish to make love with a friend's father. A strange May/December relationship if there ever was one

Lara Hope, the headliner, and her 3-piece band took the stage.

She was a whirling figure, in her black cowboy hat, her dress and even her boots were fringed.

Yes, the boots were black and fringed. A cowgirl from the Bronx!

Both ladies had fans who showed their support, loudly singing along, dancing and clapping.

I had worn a t-shirt that said MARINES and a fellow seated next to me at the bar, asked if I were a Marine? He had been one too and offered to buy me and my buddy a beer.

I accepted and added that I was probably more "Old Corps" than he.

We swapped dates we had served and I had him beat by at least 20 years. Both of us had served only a four-year hitch.

As we drank our beers, I noted he was sipping a $2 PBR while we were enjoying a $7 IPA.

I quietly asked Johnny the bartender to not only let me pay for the next Pabst Blue Ribbon for my new former Marine friend but also a meal if he happened to order food.

I wanted to close that gap between what he paid and my effort in returning the favor.

Glancing at the "merch table" for Lara Hope, I saw a posted lyric that I found amusing.

Wouldn't you know it, that was part of the song she sang at the close of her performance.

I hope she and her group safely finished their long, extended tour on the road.

It reminded me that they were "down South" while her hometown suffered through a third Nor'Easter in less than 10 days of blizzard conditions and flooding.

Kind of a good time to "be on the road again."

(Click on the photos and links for more details.) 

Thanks for hanging out with me for some cold suds and music.

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