Tuesday, November 22, 2016

So, what's brewing on the music scene?

 I support Live Music and have been vocal about that for many years.

Also,  have been known to check out new breweries when they open around town.

Last Sunday I had a chance to do both when I stopped by Ghost Monkey Brewery in Mount Pleasant for an early afternoon beer and for conversations with members of the Charleston Live Music Meetup.

The brewery is easy to find, turn left just before you enter the State Port Authority (SPA) on Long Point Road.

Josh Parker, a co-owner, took me on a neat tour before I sat at the bar and tasted their Ghost Beard Baltic, an 8.25 ABV porter. This was a great collaboration with Frothy Beard brewery.

I decided I would have a growler filled with that when I left!

I like the cooperation among the breweries here as a new one seems to pop up every six months or so. Yay!

It was a bright and sunny day so I joined the music fans group seated outside.

Two had attended meetings of my 8-year old Photo Group and I passed out cards, inviting the others to come to a meeting or join us on a photo walk.

The Live Music folks formed 4 months ago, about the same time this brewing company opened its doors.

Needless to say, there was music provided. Well, DUH.

 Mark Schuler, who describes himself as an Acoustic Soloist,  provided a nice melodic background.

I asked if the group selected the musicians and they explained the venue does that.

Then they spread the word about where they encourage members to show up to enjoy the sounds and show their support.

A true use of online social communications.

Families with small children arrived and sat outside on comfortable benches, listening to the music as their kids ran around, burning up energy.

While I was talking with Josh and Jim Leonard, also a co-owner, I noticed the skull tattoo on Josh's neck was the same as the brewing company's logo.

I didn't ask but I wonder which came first?

He probably would have been the one to suggest it at a planning session, pointing to his neck and saying, "I have a logo suggestion."

While we were touring, Jim was pouring bags of ingredients into one of the three large stainless steel tanks. 

Josh explained how they control the temperature by wrapping tubes around the tanks and running a coolant through the coils.

Years ago, I tried making a small batch of beer at home and did NOT have a way to keep things cool.

As the summer temp rose in my workshop, I regretted that I did not have air conditioning downstairs.

No, my 2-gallon container would not fit in my refrigerator. I did try!

Their efforts are MUCH, MUCH better. 

I had sipped a pint of their Lemon Basil IPA - with a reasonable 6.7 ABV -  but, when it was time to leave, I had them fill my growler with the higher 8.25 ABV Ghost Beard Baltic porter.

It was sealed and I took it with me to drink and enjoy at home - when there is no driving involved.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

I enjoyed my first event and thanked Drew Anderson and Kelly, the group's Organizer.

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At Wed Nov 23, 01:42:00 PM , Blogger Drew said...

It was great to see you as always Chuck! Nice post, it's making me thirsty just reading it :)

At Wed Nov 23, 02:56:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

Thanks, Drew.
As they say "Ahh'll be back!"


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