Thursday, November 10, 2016

A New Face In The Crowd....getting ahead.

 I formed 21st Century Photo Group almost 9 years ago. We are local photographers, ranging  from newbies to pros.

There are about 180 members and 15-20  meet each month on the 2nd Wednesday. Others join our frequent photo walks.

We are fortunate to meet in the Conference Room at the Carolina Ice Palace by Northwoods Mall in North Charleston.

It's perfect! We can adjust the lights and sound, move things around and have good sessions.

I had invited a good buddy Joseph Nienstedt to pack up his mini-studio and show how he makes really great Head Shots.

"The key thing is the communications between me and the subject, " Joe explained to the

"Get him or her relaxed, comfortable, adjust the pose for the best results and try to capture his best image," he added.

Joe answered questions as he made adjustments, explaining how to maximize or minimize the subject's features.

In front of the camera is a long-time member - and a co-Coordinator for the Group - Andy Reilly.

He laughed when Joe asked which was his best side.

Then he turned his back to the camera and said, "how about this?"

Clearly, Andy was relaxed and enjoying his Head Shot session.

After he finished shooting many, many images, he would show the results on our big screen, demonstrating how a tweak here or there would adjust the outcome of the finished product.

There are many software programs available and Joseph has a few favorites he likes to use.

He showed how one would whiten the look of teeth or adjust the facial color in the image.

He said Andy did not need a lot of manipulation but did point out that a 2-dimensional look of a 3-D face often "squashes" somewhat and he uses tools to correct that mistaken effect.

He had shown me that when he took pictures of my face a few months ago, one smiling and one serious.

On the screen, he gently pushed both sides of my face back to my actual look and I could see the difference.
Joseph knows how to catch the "best side" of his clients...even though my English major taught me it should be called the "better" side.

(Click on the images and links for more details.)

AND, if you are interesting in photography and would like to hang out with some friendly and talented folks, click on the link and join.

It's easy to join and it's FREE.

Hope to see you as a new member soon.

We are going to the Second Sunday on King Street event
this weekend Nov. 13.

We'll meet in the Francis Marion lobby at 2 pm. Bring your camera and join us.

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