Monday, November 07, 2016

A "Hairy" subject...

 I had seen ZZ TOP perform before - at the PAC - a few years ago.

But, this was their first time in our new Gaillard Center.

They filled both venues... with clean-shaven fans, bearded ones and a few "No Shave November*" participants.

It's also known as Movember*.

I saw a Gaillard beverage vendor lady pouring beers while wearing a long, flowing blonde beard.

I asked if it was her idea and she said, "Not really, my husband suggested it would be a funny idea."

That's really getting into the spirit!

My modest effort to contribute my hirsute effort is still in the beginning stage - Day 6 - and has a long way to go.

I actually wore a beard for five years.

As I recall, way back then, mine was blonde - light blonde - so this will come in similar.

Well, more white than even gray.

Eventually. I do have a full month to make this happen.

(Uh, oh, the headshots I had done to send when I apply to be an Extra in tv shows filming here, will not reflect this soon-to-be-shaggy look.

Guess I'll stick with the clean shaved look.
Easier to maintain on short notice.

If I were chosen, I'd have to tell the casting director it would take me a month - at least - to show a bearded look.

(I did take a photo of the "bearded lady" so I include it here.)

I sat a few rows further back than usual.

Row E is about 7 or 8 rows from the stage, counting rows in the Orchestra pit.

I paused coming in to allow a small group ahead of me  to file into the very last row on the ground floor of the Gaillard.

Knew it was a sell-out show and felt sort of bad for a moment that they would be seated so far back.

When you're seated up front, you get to see facial features and get even more from the performance. But, they seemed to be in a very good mood.

Even jovial.

I heard one of their crowd say "So, we have seats in row ZZ! Wow!"

They must have planned this, armed with a diagram of the seating chart.

 But, even with seats relatively close to the stage, there always is room for a fan to stand, waving their arms and playing air guitar.

Or just standing perfectly still.

For a long time.

Oh well, I was there to hear the music.

Seeing the band that's had the same three members for 45 years is quite a big deal.

Bassist Dusty Hill and guitarist Billy Gibbons have long-time long beards. The drummer has no whiskers ... but his name is Frank Beard.

(Click on the images and links for more details.)

For the folks who sat in row ZZ...this is what the bearded ones looked like.

Party on!

Oh, I rummaged around in my files to find a photo I remembered  from a few years ago when "Cat Bearding" was - briefly - popular online.

It seems appropriate to include it here.

My cat posed beautifully.

If you look closely, her tiny nose replaced mine.

She allowed one more shot then squirmed her way out of my grasp.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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At Tue Nov 08, 09:56:00 AM , Blogger Rick said...

The bearded lady? She's got legs I hope.


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