Sunday, June 05, 2016

Fats Waller Dance Party and the Gypsy Swingers...

Fats Waller threw a dance party and the joint (Cistern Yard) was jumpin'.

Jason Moran plays piano and keys while wearing a large colorful papier mache likeness of the 1930s Jazz and Stride pianist.

Moran is associated with the Kennedy Center for the Performing arts and created All Rise: A Joyful Elegy for Fats Waller in 2014.

This lively outdoor "dance party" involved vocalist Lisa E. Harris, and Donvonte McCoy, trumpet.

Also Charles Haynes, drums, and bassist Tarus Mateen.

Not to mention, the rest of his whole family: his wife and two young sons.

Eventually, performers from a nearby venue followed the music and rushed in to join the party on stage.

A few fans in the audience also ventured up to join in the dancin'.

I stayed in my seat, using the paper fan the ushers gave to all of us.

Well, and selecting shots with my camera.

The "lady in red" I think was an exuberant audience member.

She obviously felt she just had to express her musical joy of the evening under a cloudless sky.

Audience vocal sing-along participation was led mainly by vocalist Lisa Harris.

Jason explained he had been on the road several years ago when his sons had a recital.

He felt bad for missing it and, having them on the stage with him, was a "payback" he had planned for a few years.

Charleston was their debut, he added, smiling broadly.

Earlier in the afternoon I was at Palmetto Brewery's  Loading Dock series.

This was Asheville Pours On Huger Street and got my feet shuffling in somewhat dance moves with the GypsySwingers band.

Well, I was holding a beer and trying to take pictures!

The setting sun was in her eyes when Alina Quu started the set, but a few minutes later, she had her vision back.

Nice tight group and I am sure they are very popular in Asheville.

They made new friends here as 3-4 couples of local swing dancers took to the floor.

We had to duck out early so we could eat before the show at the Cistern Yard.

But we stayed until this band finished and the stage was cleared for another Asheville band
we had seen and liked before.

Siruis. B still had the "Little drummer boy" at the front of the stage, waiting patiently, drumsticks in his small hands, as his parents set up for their part of the show.

I noticed that both bands shared the talents of Ryan Kijanka on the upright bass.

A good day for outdoor activities.The incessant rain had stopped for at least a day.

Filled up with Chicken & Waffles at Rarebit on King and headed to the College of Charleston campus.

The evening dance party music was somewhat reminiscent of the 1930s Harlem "rent parties" Waller had played in people's home.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Just realized this is my 900th posting on this blog that I started 10 years ago.

Yikes, that's a lot of music, beer and travel.

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