Sunday, March 09, 2014

"...from a little acorn....."

My neighbor had a problem with a large oak tree in his yard.

Its roots were lifting the back of his cinder block garage.

In a major bad way.

I told him about a trimmer who had  brought a trained team to my yard four years ago and he got in touch with Sonny Nguyen, the owner.

They discussed the situation and the decision was made to remove the tree.

One limb at a time. Cut it down to size.

One man in a safety harness up in the tree and quite a few others on the ground, pulling ropes to make things fall - and land softly - where they wanted them to.

When I had had my trees cut back to avoid them rubbing against my roof, it was a major trimming action. This procedure was a total removal.

Multiple chainsaws were roaring as limbs were cut down to size.

Man-in-the-tree was agile and purposeful as he selected which branch to safely hang from as he slimmed down the tree.

Other men, meanwhile, were on the roof of the house, using small chainsaws attached to 9 foot poles.

They were making sure there was clearance all around the house from trees that had grown too close.

I remember that scene from my earlier project with A-Z Tree Service.

Men on the ground clipped branches before dragging them over to the large chipper parked in the driveway.

Other hefted large sections of the tree and placed them in a large truck.

Smaller diameter logs were stacked by the house in a growing wood pile for the fireplace.

As the cut sections became larger, several men were using massive dollies to move them to the truck to be hauled away.

Meanwhile, the trimming and leveling of the intrusive tree continued.

The tree was diminishing.

Shorter and shorter.

Soon a choice would have to be made on where to place the ropes and safety harness.

Neighbors stood around, watching the action.

I noticed none of the men seemed to be wearing ear protectors against the noisy saw clamor.

Vocal commands were being shouted to bring down the massive limbs with accuracy.

Maybe that precluded covering your ears.

As noted earlier, they functioned as a well-trained professional team.

I wear earplugs at music concerts so I know sound is diminished. Especially, the very high pitch... like that  made by a screaming chainsaw.

And, by more than one.

Finally, things began to quiet down.

Fewer saws operating.

The man-in-the-tree was now down on the ground.

Large pieces were strewn about as men cut them down to fit in the truck.

My neighbor was discussing how to best "treat" the stump to make it disappear.

"Drill holes and pour in salt," was suggested. Burning the stump was not an option since it extended under and into the garage itself.

That was the original concern.  (Click on the photos for more details.)

Bye, bye former mighty oak.

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