Friday, March 21, 2014

"Lean on me..."

 "Yes, a tripod would be handy right now," said Kelsey Castro.

"No problem, use my shoulder," responded David Blackwell.

Meanwhile, Chris Castro, 12,  went it alone.

Main Street in Summerville on the first day of Spring.

3rd Thursday is a time to wander around. See what's new and what's been there for many years.

A longtime resident is a good guide to have on these memory lane jogs.

Thanks Charles.

Right in front of us - on Short Central - the street that's always closed to traffic - some talented high schoolers gave a sneak preview of an upcoming production of "The Wiz."

The "yellow" part of the real brick road was added by me, using Photoshop.

Don't think officials would have allowed actual paint being brushed on.

But it adds to the effect as Scarecrow, Tin Man, Dorthy and the Cowardly Lion shake it on down.

Speaking of a drug store with a history, the Dunning family has operated this beauty on Main Street for more than 50 years.

My dad was a cabinet maker who retro-fitted drug stores and would treasure wall storage units like these.

Some with rich woods, glass shelves and sliding glass doors were trucked home when the owners guiding the remodeling threw them out.

Not the case here.

Proudly showing heritage along with products for sale.

Those nice looking cuterie boards, filled with choice meats and cheeses, are pretty fancy.

Well, when they are first delivered to your table.

Not so much toward the end as appetites have been satisfied.

The offer was made to help ourselves but I think Charles and I arrived on the scene a bit too late.

We wished the two ladies who were visiting the area a nice evening and continued our tour along Main Street.

They were refilling their wine glasses.

Right next door was an elegant wine bar so we went in to see if there were seats at the bar.

Nope, filled up and about 3-deep standing around.

The striking etched glass sculpture hanging on the back bar certainly caught my eye.

Charles knew the artist and talked about some of his other pieces.

I listened while I focused (literally) on the beautifully carved 3-D work of art.

Amazing to think that my small digital camera was capturing this image as simple "0"s and "1"s in computer talk.

This is indeed a wonderful time to be a photographer.

Young camera newcomers don't have the history of shooting on film and home darkrooms to appreciate what led up to this.

 Speaking of history and a-flash-from-the-past, this 1956 Ford T-Bird brought back lots of memories.

A late night fast drive down from Camp Lejeune to Myrtle Beach, with a fellow Marine.

It was the sergeant's brand new "bird" and we had a grand time cruising the strand until the wee hours.

Doubt I would do well on 2-hours sleep these days.

But, when duty called that morning, we were back in time for formation.

Details of that evening are a little sketchy but I never would call a classic car like this an "antique!"

(Click on the photos for more details.)

I used to drive a '59 Triumph TR-3 and my daughter once saw one and remarked about the "old car."

I gently set her straight.

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