Sunday, July 21, 2013

Celebrate - Have A Pluff Mud Porter!

It was the Second Anniversary for the makers of Pluff Mud Porter.

I went to where the craft beer is made and bought one at Holy City Brewing on Dorchester Road.

Wow. What an exciting two years it has been for Charleston and we beer drinkers.

They make more than just the porter that I really like.

I didn't sample them all but I did buy a t-shirt.

The celebration was set for Noon to 8:00pm and I got there late - around 6:00pm.

At an outside stand pouring my porter, the staffer remarked it had been very busy and now was calming down.

She added that there was a nice breeze all day.

Biggest breeze-maker I've seen in a while.

I did arrive just as the Keg Tossing contest started.

Don't know if he won but he had good form and the crowd murmured approvingly. And sipped their beers.

Because it was mainly a family gathering with lots of children running around, I was not surprised to see a small black 6.5 gallon keg brought out for the small fry to toss.

It too was empty of course, although I heard comments like "Well, maybe it's a Lite beer,  and something about "half-pints."

I was late so the band had just stopped playing. I had hoped they were taking a break but they laughed when I asked.

There was an impressive large storage container sitting across from the main buildings.

It was a perfect "canvas" for the familiar skyline of our Holy City.

I neglected to get the name of the artist but I'll ask and update this later.

That's my way of doing reverse fact-checking.

The beer was good, the day had cooled off and I wanted to show my appreciation for some nice guys who make a fine product.

You'll see me around town wearing my new black t-shirt.

Probably with a Pluff Mud in my hand.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

The link to the brewery has some excellent photos by Chrys Rynearson.

He has a REAL fisheye lens and knows how to use it!

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