Sunday, July 07, 2013

All The World's A Stage.....

One of my favorite Blues venues here is Home Team BBQ. 

Pretty good 'cue and some really good Blues shows on its small stage.

Arrived a bit early on a Friday night and families still were finishing up their tasty fare - small kids running around - and we noted the Deb Callahan Band - due to start at 9pm - had not set up yet, no sound check, etc. 

BUT, I did find a swell seat at the bar. Then I looked at the stage.

" Wow."  Grabbed my camera for a few fast shots and then, only moments later, guys were hauling away the added dining setups.

I have had lunch there before and the stage was bare but I had not seen the use-all-the-space-efficiently concept before. 

Maybe it's done on weekends when the crowd is larger? 

I'm usually there for a 10:00pm or 11:00pm show and the kitchen is cold.

After the sound check, the band started with two upbeat songs then brought onstage the leader of the band. 

Yes, Miss Debbie Callahan has red hair. And green eyes. She's a lovely lassie.

I talked to her during the break and said I last had seen her at the A Dough Re Mi during a Blues Fest.

"Yes, that was a strange room - but comfortable," Deb said.  "Good sound and good pizza. Sorta like here."

They don't have pies on the menu at Fiery Ron's Home Team but I knew what she meant. 

The Philly band is Tom Walling on drums, bassist Garry Lee and guitar by Allen James.

Deb has been described as "a shouter, a crooner and a soul-belter." 

She showed all of that Friday night.

One of her albums sure to be popular here is "Grace & Grit." Hmm, but we tend to think of grits as plural.

Speaking of former venues, I miss "The Dough" where I saw a ton of performers, along with a slice of pep.

And another old favorite was "The Map Room." And "Mistral" on the Market. Across from the old "Chef & Clef."

And Gary Erwin's annual Blues Bash. C'mon Shrimp City Slim, we need that February musical fix.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Always strange to see small children wandering through a Blues performance. 

At least they were there with their parents.

A good learning curve.

Start 'em young.

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