Saturday, May 25, 2013

An 8-day week...

Managed to stop by the Pour House three times in a week.

Well, actually, it was 8 days.

The "Po Ho" is one of my favorite music venues and owner Alex presented a varied and interesting line up for my 8-day week menu.

Jimbo Mathus brought his Mississippi Southern Rock show to town Thursday night and had the appreciative fans on their feet till the wee hours.

His newest album, White Buffalo, was released in February by Fat Possum Records.

I've enjoyed the 46-year old performer from his Squirrel Nut Zipper days (1993 -2000) and into his extensive traveling performances that bring him through Charleston every year.

Between sets, Jimbo told me he remembered being here 3 years ago during the February Blues Bash. "Oh Yeah, that was the night it snowed on Charleston," he smiled.

Friday night was a return of Acoustic Syndicate, the North Carolina rock, folk, & bluegrass band who also swings through annually.

One fan in a large top hat caught my eye in the crowd and I angled around to get his silhouette in front of the stage.

There was a dazzling light show as well so when arms were waving in praise and enjoyment - and many beers were held aloft - the party atmosphere was bright and cheery.

The brothers Fitz, Jr. and Bryon McMurry teamed with their cousin Steve and formed a trio in 1992 playing for church groups then really spread out. 

The Acoustic Syndicate - brothers and cousin - are well known for their 3-part harmony.

Charles Walker & The Dynamites had started my 8-day week  with a rollicking James Brown sound and style.

His new album is titled "Love Is Only Everything" and he belts out his 1960s Old School soul sounds at every energetic live show.

That was the start of a lively round of music and I returned night after night for more, more, more.

Finally, last night,  had a chance to step next door for a meal at The Lot,  the sister restaurant that replaced El Bohio, and then carried my bratwurst back over to the club side.

Good food, cold beer and great entertainment. Life is good.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

"8 Days A Week" is a nice challenge and opportunity to see and hear some great acts.

And, now, Spoleto-Piccolo has begun.

I better take a nap.

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy live music.

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