Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

 Joe Pasta is my go-to place for a dish of chicken parm.

Or veal.


Garlic bread.

A mini pizza. Crunchy salad

Sitting at the bar, I was startled when I saw the chef create several intense bursts of flame. Not sure what he was preparing, but I asked him to tell me when he was going to make it flare again.

He came over soon and asked "Are you ready?"

My camera and I braced and WHOOSH!

I don't think it was my meal - or a bowl of spaghetti - in the dancing flame.

A nice dining tradition when going to a show at the Performing Arts Center, is stopping to eat in Centre Pointe at FATZ CAFE.

It's on the edge of Tanger Outlet Shops and has always been a treat.

The grilled salmon with skewered veggies, served over rice is a favorite. And, for dessert,  I tried the peanut butter and chocolate pie.

The Oreo cookie was a special surprise.
A new place I knew as a favorite food truck now had moved indoors on upper Meeting Street by the off ramps of the Ravenel bridge.

 Hello, My Name Is BBQ was larger inside the building than I expected.

But, then, food trucks usually do not offer dine-in seating.

Oh, it still has its "meals-on-wheels" and appears at food truck rodeos but the inside move intrigued me.

I stopped in on a Saturday evening on my way to the Music Farm and had them create a Pork on Pork meal for me by adding bacon to the Holy City BBQ menu item.

You really can't get too much of a good thing.

They offered the largest variety of barbecue sauces I have ever seen. Mild to hot to outrageous. Mustard, tomato and Jalapenos. Hit the link and check out their menu.

(Click on the photos to see more detail.)

I have heard comments around me like "Hah, He must be a blogger." when I take out my camera to snap a shot of my meal.

I usually hand the commenting person my card.

It says I DO have a blog.

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