Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The "House Rules" at House of Blues....

The "House of Blues" in Myrtle Beach is digging deeper into my pocket.

Charging more.

Now having to pay for things that used to be free.

They're making more money ...but maybe turning off customers.

Charging $30 extra to sit on a hard stool.

Pricey folding chairs have pushed the standing audience off the floor space in front of the stage.
Get the picture?

You used to get a jump on the crowd if you ate at HOB before the show. Good idea.

For the House of Blues.

There's lots of burger joints and Calabash seafood places all around there.

Now it's more expensive to eat there just to ensure you get a good view.

An announcement was made to please turn the flash off on your camera or - more likely - your phone that takes pictures.

There HAS been less enforcement of a "no cameras" rule.

But the Robert Cray show had the dimmest lighting I've ever seen there.

The few stage lights would seem to brighten only at the very end of a song. Huh?

Getting pictures of Mr. Cray being handed a fresh guitar??

I like Robert Cray but as I wandered through the crowds standing way back by the bars, I knew they usually would be down front, some right at the railing in front of the stage.

I used to do that.

I have guitar picks from Buddy Guy and B.B. King to prove it.

(Clicking on the pictures makes the image much larger.)

Seeing deer eyes glowing along Highway 17 at night got to be scary and daunting.

Now an HOB show means staying overnight in Myrtle Beach.

Smacking into a deer could put a dent in your fun music evening.

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