Saturday, June 02, 2012

New & Old things on Patriot's Point....

It's been years since I went to a Party At The Point on a Friday afternoon.

I believe I was still working for the paper so more than 8 years ago.

I covered bars, clubs and music venues for InfoLine so I went pretty often

That's a long run for outdoor entertainment. On a beach venue with no roof.

Weather MIGHT be a factor when you have electrically amplified music.

But, Will Hoge draws a crowd, despite threatening clouds.

Just before he started, it got cooler and the wind picked up.

I noticed the giant inflated McDonald's promotional arches tilted back a bit.

It was safely tethered so it didn't fly away.

Dark clouds skittered overhead.

Menacing looking.

The view of downtown was becoming more and more dramatic.

All around me people stood waiting.

Or sat in their folding chairs, sipping beverages.

And eating tacos. Nice party. Then the rains poured down.

Yes. You're right.

I AM huddled under the twin arches.

The angle kept the rain off me and my camera.

And blocked the wind-driven sheets of chilly rain.

Many who had brought chairs now unfurled giant umbrellas.

Will Hoge continued playing as the sound man placed protective tarps over his equipment. There was no lightning so the show continued.

Suddenly a lady waded into the crowd around me and started shoving the arches to an upright position. There were vocal complaints of "hey, you're getting us wet!"

She responded "This is my exhibit and I'm taking it down to protect it."

I quickly scampered along the muddy boardwalk back up to the roof-covered patio by the resort hotel.

It was dry there but you couldn't hear the music.

As I drove away, I remembered that a new restaurant had just opened by the Omar Shrine Temple.

Hey, it was on my way home and I needed to dry off.

I ducked in to see what changes had been made to what had been called the Point Grille.

I had used its separate dining room for quarterly luncheons for about 5 years.

I chatted with Chuck Isenberg, the Harbor Breeze general manager, when I went in and looked around.

They had done a complete makeover and changed the whole dynamics of the main dining room and bar area.

I sat at the bar with a Holy City Pluff Mud Porter and talked to two patrons.

One was a frequent visitor (it had opened softly two weeks ago) and he noted the friendly staff and neighborly feeling.

I waited until the other gentleman finished off his grilled salmon and had his wine glass refilled.

"I see you took a picture of the wine bottle. You should actually try some. It's good," he commented.

Owner of a business in Columbia, he said he and his wife came to Charleston often, liked the old Grille and are pleased with the new dining spot.

He echoed praise for the friendly atmosphere and said the food was worth return visits.

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