Monday, June 04, 2012

i like k.d. lang at spoleto

Man, the Gaillard Auditorium was packed last night with thousands of happy people,

I understand the capacity is listed as 2,730 seats.

At least that many people were there to applaud k.d.lang. Maybe even a few more squeezed in.

This, I believe, is the first time she has performed in Charleston and I hope she plans to come back.

The sound system was fantastic, the lighting was magical and her voice was delightful.

First time for me after hearing about her for many years.

Kleig lights framed the stage and martial music played the interlude before the show started.

Her producer announced that the Sousa-inspired music was selected by Ms. lang.

He added "Now that you know she chose it, I bet you like it even more."

She moved around the stage, favoring all sections, and was on the apron at the front edge a lot.

It was obvious she was enjoying herself and wanted to be even closer to her adoring fans.

The crowd sang along on many of her songs and shouted encouraging words of love and devotion.

I was fortunate to have a seat right in the middle of the front row so had an excellent vantage point to see, hear and take pictures.

Yes. the signs out front stated "No FLASH Photography."

My digital camera works well in low light so no flash is required.

Nobody had mentioned that k.d.lang works barefooted.

I was watching her emotional face as she sang.

It was quite a while before I noticed she was not wearing shoes. "Casual Friday" on a Sunday night.

This was certainly a Spoleto-level performer and a quality production.

However, toward the end of the show, security was suddenly in people's faces, telling them "No cameras allowed."

There was obviously a mix-up in communications.No obnoxious flashes had marred the show but even iPhones were being banned.

There was a nice moment when all the members of the Siss Boom Bang quintet came forward and joined lang for a close harmony number.

Two ladies seated near me were ready with a lang record album cover and a pen. They wanted an autograph and were eager to catch her eye.

We all stood at the end of the show and moved closer to the stage. I reached up and Ms. Lang handed me her guitar pick. Wow.

I hope the ladies got their album signed.

(Click on the photos for more details).

I am sure many in the Auditorium wanted to be in my seat in the front row. The secret is ............

Sometimes you get very, very lucky.

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At Tue Jun 05, 05:32:00 PM , Anonymous Amy boyd said...

I love your blog and the way you have with words and pictures. I also love that you now love kd lang. Thanks for giving us the details of the show!

At Wed Jun 06, 05:41:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

So far, people have hit my k.d.lang posting from Poland, Germany, the UK, Denmark, Italy and Austria. And, of course, the USA. Yikes.

At Mon Jun 11, 09:08:00 AM , Blogger Kate said...

You were indeed lucky to be able to be that close to the stage. Knowing "the right people" sometimes reaps rewards!


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