Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A VERY wet day....

Standing in line at the South Carolina Aquarium could have been soggy.

My out-of-town relatives were weather prepared.

A friendly staff person was handing out loaner umbrellas to make sure ALL were kept dry.

My younger brother and his wife had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary the day before.

Family had arrived from Florida and North Carolina to share their day.

I was invited to tag along with these visitors.

Well, yes, of course I brought my camera.

I haven't spent much time lately around youngsters.

They sure add excitement to any adventure.

Being short they do not hesitate to manuever their way to the front of a crowd.

They want to see.

So, they go to where they can.

Charlie and Kelly, their parents, said it had been several years since they had been to the Aquarium.

The little girls had been told they were going to see the James Island Festival of Lights that evening.

I suggested they might want to explore the Fire Museum near Tanger Outlet Stores.

They were standing in front of me looking at the jelly fish.

They said they were beautiful.

They were right.

They pressed their noses against the thick plexiglass looking at the cavorting otters.

Enjoyed close up looks at tiny alligators and turtles.

The younger child "Izzi" said she liked the otters the best.

Her sister Karlie said the sharks were awesome.

I don't think they even saw the small waterfall in the MOUNTAINS exhibit.

They had eyes only for the critters.

Water drips down even on a sunny day so I was shielding my camera from the elements. Got the shot I wanted.

A slow shutter speed makes the water appear to flow smoothly.

I was asked to suggest a place for lunch.

Joe Pasta met with approval from everyone.

Been there many times in the evening before shows at the Music Farm or Charleston Music Hall.

Had not been there for lunch but was aware that it was family-friendly and the server did a fine job.

He apologized that the 4-year old had been served an adult-size meal.

He said it would be charged at the kid's menu price.

She started with a fork but soon Izzi "took things into her own hands."

(Click on the photos - twice - to see more details.)

Looking around, as the sun came out brightly, I saw quite a few families with children.

Most were using forks - but not all.

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