Monday, December 19, 2011

My short "Stax of wax"

It started as a project to convert the music on a 12" LP (Long Play) record to a CD.

An album I really liked was NOT available online as an Mp3 so I needed to do it myself.

My turntable had not been used in years. I blew off dust and saw the only speeds were 331/3 and 45.

My folks had a pile of old 78s downstairs but I had no way to listen to them.

My small collection seemed centered in the early to mid-sixties.

I recently took pictures of CCR's John Fogerty in a concert in Atlanta so I knew he still had The Voice.

The LIMELITERS were very big in Folk Music in the Sixties.

I'm sure the individuals went on to bigger and better things but I'm just not aware of any huge follow up hits.

I did come across some 5th Dimensions and a Mama Cass Elliott disk.

Wonder if she ever would have stopped by the California Dreaming restaurant here and looked out on our harbor? Do they serve ham sandwiches?

Saw some other of my musical friends from the 1960s recently.

Paul Simon performed in Atlanta earlier this month with an 8-piece band. No sign of that other curly-headed fellow he used to sing with.

Sweet Baby James Taylor played in Columbia last year and his son was onstage with him.

He looked older than his dad did on the album.

Record cover art. Wow.

Now THERE was a remarkable 12" x 12" canvas for artists and photographers.

Sometimes, inside, they would spread out and cover the entire 12" x 24" surface.

Huge four-color wall posters often were enclosed.

But, it's time to get back to dubbing a hard-to-find album by Craig Hundley.

That's the one that started this nostalgic trip back in time.

Craig was a 12-year old prodigy in the jazz world.

I never saw him perform but the album caught my ear.

Does anyone else out there know anything more about him?

He'd be about 50-60 now and I hope he continued playing.

No trace of him online though.I Googled him.

I'll make sure his music continues even today on Smartphones and I-Pads.

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At Tue Dec 20, 12:19:00 PM , Blogger Rick said...

Don't know if this helps. I'm not familiar so I'm of no help.


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