Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walking On Air .....

My Photography Group did a little downtown Photo Walk Sunday.

On the way, I showed them how to "levitate."

Online, I had just checked the concept of appearing to defy gravity and it's fairly simple.

You need a good camera that can take a picture at 1/4000second.

And 1/8000second is even better.

Have the subject jump as high as he or she can. Snap the shutter.

Pass the digital camera around so everyone can see on the screen that the subject is suspended in air.

Some appear to be much higher than others.

Age and agility counts here.

And other factors.

We gathered around 10am at the gazebo in White Point Gardens (foot of Meeting Street) and worked our way up to the Market area.

I keep forgetting all the quaint alleys and beautiful homes and curving streets in the Historic District.

Oh, that's right, that's why tourists come here and carriages clip-clop by.

One of the "tricks" a member shared with us was attaching his camera to his tripod. Well, duh.

He extended all three legs and set his timer to take a picture in 8 seconds.

Then he raised the tripod over his head - the camera is now about 5 feet higher than his extended arms - and he angles it about where he thinks it should be.

The shutter clicks. Bring it down, check to see if it caught the super high angle he wanted.

If not, repeat. Gotta love digital cameras.

We were nearing the market - and lunch at Tommy Condons - when somebody asked what time it was.

In this age of cell phones that also show the time, I looked at the wrist watch I still wear.

I glanced and saw there was a sun dial in front of me.

Use it? Check my watch? Pull out my cell phone?

I knew at least two had been adjusted for the end of Daylight Saving Time.

The intended purpose of the Photo Walk was to find natural letters and numbers.

Not signs but individual images that could be combined to spell out names.

Very, very personal gifts.

I decided to try using my middle name LEE.

Almost there.

I saw some iron work letters caught by other members. It looks like I found the other "E."

I also DID capture a "C" and an "H."

I'm well on the way to spelling out my first name.

Either Charles or Chuck.

(Click on the photos to see much more detail.)

Look around and see if you can spot any letters or numbers in nature.

Trains you to look closely at what you see.

Nice exercise.

Thanks for walking along with us.

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At Wed Nov 23, 02:55:00 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Hey, the instructions regarding the camera must work but so might a bottle of wine.

As soon as I post this comment, I want to do a little search to find the relationship between the words "levitate" and "levity." Never even thought about any similarities until your post and the first photo.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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