Friday, October 28, 2011

"Say hello to my leetle frond...."

The secret to keeping palm trees neat is to trim them twice a year.

On a Tuesday evening.

Toss the clipped fronds over the fence and the city comes by on Wednesday to pick up yard debris.

Works year after year.

Of course the trees seem naked and embarrassed.

I have four in my front yard.

Actually, four and a half.

The newest one is coming along nicely.

On Wednesday morning, the slanting sun rays highlight the trimming.

Oh, in case you're wondering, my house is NOT red, white and blue.

That's a color-shift effect created by Photoshop.

The siding really is light gray above the brick bottom portion.

I saw an actual shift-in-color the other night at THAI HOUSE in West Ashley.

The walls were stark white before Mary, the owner, decided to change the look and ambiance.

Now it's warm and soothing.

Comfortable and inviting.

I remarked about that to her when I stopped by for another fine dinner.

Hey, I'm a color expert as well as a palm tree trimmer.

(Click on the photos for more detail).Mary said they have finished the roadwork on Glenn McConnell Parkway and the work on the facades of all the buildings around her is completed. "Finally," she added. "Lots of parking spaces now. Come on by."

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