Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thanks for inviting "Moi"...

She doesn't drink craft beers but still throws quite a party!

Miss Piggy is a gracious hostess.

And I learned her first name is Lorelei.

I asked what sign she was born under and she replied "I was born OVER a sign - Becker's Butcher Shop. I moved as soon as I could."

When I mentioned I used to work for a newspaper she quipped "I bet you have a snout for news."

She obviously likes the party scene.

She and her Muppet friends were really glittering when I saw them in the lobby of the Palmetto Grande Theatre in Towne Centre.

I just stayed for a moment because I was in search of the new MOUNTAIN in Mount Pleasant.

It's on Coleman Boulevard.

Well, as far as I know, it's the ONLY one in town.

It is NOT open yet for trail hiking.

Or any kind of traffic.

Wouldn't it look great up on the peak if we had another heavy snow fall as we did in February of 2010?!

(Of course you should click on the photos to see more detail.)

The displays in theater lobbies for upcoming movies are really quite elaborate. I even sat on the couch with the Simpsons.

Yes, I had to move the barriers out of the way but I did that later with Photoshop.

Thanks for coming to the party.

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