Monday, October 03, 2011

Shopping At A Chain Store..

It's "officially" FALL and Saturday underlined that fact.

My photography group participated in the 4th annual World Wide Photo Walk in the evening and the weather was fantastic!

About 30 of us gathered by the impressive fountain at Waterfront Park at 6pm.

Most were lugging large SLR cameras, a variety of lenses and tripods.

We all wore red and white stick-on badges.

When we all clustered together, passers-by would look around and ask "what's going on? What's the event?"

As darkness fell, one of the photographers stopped on the way to the Battery and aimed her camera at a brightly lighted dining room scene near Rainbow Row.

The barn-like doors were thrown open wide and she liked the set table with people preparing to enjoy a meal. Candles flickered.

A voice boomed "PLEASE! This is a private residence and we do NOT appreciate you taking pictures!"

She shared the story and, as we all passed back by and saw the open door, frankly we too thought it was a new small restaurant. Oh well.

I call this "Sycamores At Sunset."

If you know for sure these are not Sycamores, please let me know and I can change the title.

All trees should have little signs that identify them. And adding the Latin genus would be nice too.

Here's a scene from the foot of Broad Street.

Fortunately there is a raised landing up above the very narrow sidewalk at the Old Exchange Building.

Do you remember when there was a costumed Revolutionary War person standing up there greeting the passing cars and tourists?

Saturday night there were a dozen people with cameras and tripods taking long time exposures.

Waving and wearing red and white badges.

(Details can be seen by clicking on the photos. See if you can spot where I did some Photoshop work.) Thanks for joining our evening walk. Please join us again.

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