Sunday, November 13, 2011

Support Live Music....

On Halloween a year ago, I saw Robert Randolph and the Family Band at a club in Washington, D.C.

This time there were no masks and no wet T-shirt contest winner.

The Music Farm was packed Saturday night with RR fans and most knew what to expect.

This was my 5th or 6th (7th?) time enjoying the talented musicians and the evening of fast-paced dance fun they present. Cousin Danyel on bass was in fine voice.

I knew 15-20 ladies would be invited up on stage to "Shake Their Hips" and 1 or 2 local guitarists would have an opportunity to play a song as The Man backed them on his pedal steel guitar or a 6-string.

Yep, all that happened.

Lots of new songs were added to my favorites from over the years.

Robert "marched" and "came to shout."

This night he did not stand, kick over his chair and demonstrate the proper way to dance to his music.

The night before I drove to Myrtle Beach for a House of Blues evening with Los Lonely Boys.

Well worth the drive!

The Grammy-winning Texican Trio of brothers took over the stage and had the crowd on its feet for more than 2 hours.

Henry Garza showed his impressive guitar chops while brother Jo-Jo backed with his 6-string bass.

Brother Ringo pounded the drums and added vocals to the smooth harmony. And, yes, that IS his actual name.

Destined at birth to be a Texas drummer.

It would appear that HOB has eased its policy on banning cameras and cell phones that take pictures and videos.

(Please click on the photos for more details.)

Photoshop helped me create my imaginary sea of lighted cell phones.

It's actually not that far fetched!

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