Thursday, June 09, 2011

Roamin' Around Downtown...

About a month ago, a new IRISH pub opened on East Bay Street, across from the Custom House.

Welcome to Mac's Place. Pub grub and plenty to drink at a long, long bar. Yikes.

I asked several people and the consensus is the bar is 35 - 40 feet long. With a return at each end.

The new place is tucked into a row of drinking establishments that make a pub crawl a natural - no streets to cross.

Mac's Place already has a small collection of fake IDs and drivers licenses that have been confiscated.

They're lined up on the wall and one, from out of state, is in a vertical format.

States usually issue the license standing on end to indicate the bearer is LESS that 21. As in underage. Not the best ID to use for a drink in a bar. Duh.

Around the corner at Mad River Bar & Grill, the early bird blues events continue from 5pm - 7pm as part of Piccolo Spoleto.

I sat and enjoyed two sets by Acoustica from Savannah.

Ray Lundy on guitar growls rumbling deep blues accompanied by Mike the Butcher on bass.

A few nights before I was back at Saffron's Cafe and Bakery for Waters of March and a delightful Brazilian bossa nova
evening of the Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook.

The crowd was asked to "Ahh" along during the chorus of The Girl From Ipanema.

Jobim wrote the music to that worldwide hit in the mid-1960s.

Upstairs at Theatre 99, we wound our way through the countryside on a delightful, quirky one-man show that took us along on a bike trip while on LSD.

Monologist Martin Dockery, from Brooklyn, had the packed house's attention from breath-taking start to finish.

What a high-energy performance! You could almost picture the bike wobbling along on the empty stage.

A re-visit to Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the American Theatre opened with a patriotic look.

Actually, three Vaudeville type fan dancers preceded Hedwig showing deft covering moves with ostrich feathers.

The off-Broadway favorite was made into a well-received movie and several years ago, there was a small production presented down by the old IMAX on the waterfront.

Quite a crowd-pleaser and the live band added to the enjoyment.

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