Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oops. Too curious....

As we know, the camera does not lie.

Well, it can be fooled.

And images manipulated.

We don't live in a "George Washington-sorry-about-the-cherry-tree

My photo group enjoyed a Patriot's Point Photo Walk Saturday. What a beautiful day.

We covered the USS Yorktown from stem to stern, from fore to aft, from the bilges up to the bridge, from port to starboard.

A group of photographers will always look for "something different."

After member Kevin Harp pulled his head out of the jet, he sat and calmly noted that the ship appeared to be listing.


Both of these are created illusions.

Things are not as they seem.

Thank goodness!

(Click on pictures for detail. I've actually landed aboard a carrier, the USS Oriskany. Not when I was in the Marines but as a press photographer for the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper. Sure looked tiny from the air! Ahoy! Thanks for coming aboard.)

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