Sunday, August 08, 2010

Miscellaneous Music ...

I don't think John Hiatt is ever considered as a musical etc.

If John were to see this, I hope he understands my comment.

In the sense that his May 11 concert at the Charleston Music Hall has not been mentioned in my blog, he is among the miscellaneous.

Top of the list of course.

This is the third time I've seen him and the first occasion my camera was allowed.

He gives a terrific high energy performance.

And I still marvel at the beautiful venue we have there on John Street.

A completely different setting would be Eye Level Art on Spring Street.

I was aware of outdoor movies being presented there "on the green" and knew it featured local artists' work hanging on the walls.

But I had not ventured to the downtown cinder block warehouse structure until last month with an out-of-town guest.

We heard about TIMBRE, a classical harp-led musical group and we both were curious so we found the studio.

This was June 20th and large fans were moving air around but I think my next visit probably will be in the Fall. It actually was the heat AND the humidity.

But the music was great and the young audience really was taken with the harpist, the group and the two opening acts: Joel Hamilton followed by The Soil & The Sun.

A few nights ago, at Fiery Red's Home Team Bar-B-Q on Sullivan's Island, I watched Scissormen, down from Nashville, Tennessee.

Ted Drozdowski roamed around, stepped in and out the front door and then stood atop the bar as he played a mean Blues guitar.

He had to duck his head beneath the low ceiling but he deftly avoided two spinning fans that flanked him.

Don't want to suffer TOO much for your art.

(Three acts and my camera was accepted at all three. Wow. Click for details.)Thanks.

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At Fri Aug 13, 11:58:00 PM , Anonymous DWright1 said...

Pretty cool. That Canon does a very nice job, along with a measure of skill,I'm sure. I did wonder how you got it into the McCartney show. I haven't had much luck at Time-Warner. Did they do the metal-detectors? And a license plate? I'm not that good.

At Sat Aug 14, 09:48:00 AM , Anonymous Chuck Boyd said...

McCartney let it be known that cameras were welcome. At a top price of $252 a seat, it was a friendly staff with no detectors or wands.

I also think cell phone cameras are changing the rules of what photography is allowed.


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