Monday, May 24, 2010

Drawing A Crowd..

What in the world is going on in that alley??

Actually it was during a downtown photo walkabout on Sunday.

Joyce Aungst, owner of Charleston History & Photo Tours, was leading 20 fellow photographers on one of her exciting and informative daily tours.

I had just stepped off East Bay Street into Stoll's Alley to look for a photo opp.

Looks like the others found me as a focal point for their cameras.

The 21st Century Photography Group was delighted to accept Joyce's gracious offer of a tour - on her day off - and we began our 2.5 hour trip at Washington Square Park.

If you're new to Charleston, that's the manicured green area next to City Hall at Broad and Meeting Streets.

The Mayor's place is on one of the famed Four Corners Of Law.

We would pass many downtown landmarks and Joyce was quick to point out an interesting spot for a picture.

She was a walking, talking Kodak Moment.

At one point she said "Look back over your shoulder and you have a good shot of St. Michael's."

As we started aiming our cameras, she laughed and said " No, no, for a much better photo, walk about 5 more feet and stand under this tree's branches."

Joyce was right of course.

It was the same view of the white steeple against the blue sky but now the top was framed nicely.

That added depth to the picture and made it more of a "keeper."

She pointed out another place where vertical cedar trees stood neatly in a row next to the steeple and created a striking composition.

She's good! Any tourist - or long time resident - would benefit from her suggestions to create memorable photographs.
I know we listened...and learned. Thanks Joyce!

[Be sure to click (twice) on the photos to enlarge for more detail. Shot with my Canon S90...a Point & Shoot camera with an attitude.]

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