Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey ...Ads Really Work!

It started with FREE ads on Craigslist.

Then I checked The Post and Courier and it's offer of free classified ads (on items less than $500/5 lines of copy).

I was comparing freebies....and making $20 and $40 sales!

Yesterday, the paper took the lead when a buyer paid me $250 cash for a claw foot tub and drove off with it on his trailer.

The CL people let you run free pictures with your free ads and the P&C does not give you free pictures in print.

BUT... the paper will also place your free ad online at For free.

Then I thought, why not create another blog that combines pictures and copy and then list that link in all the ads.

So, I did. Please take a look

My observation so far: the newspaper has a definable local audience with circulation numbers while online is an unknown number of unknown ages/incomes people. Combining the best of each makes for a good marketplace.

Just after I finished my pictures/ads blog site, I got a call "Say, I'm interested in that modern desk you have advertised today in the paper...what color is it?"

I directed him to the blog where he could SEE what color it was, how it was shaped, how the chair matched, picture it in his office, etc.

He called back and suggested I change the ad to say "computer table" instead of "desk."

I did.

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