Friday, December 12, 2008

What A Week.....

Local Web Loggers were invited to a private Blog-Feast Monday at Coco's French Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant. Wow. Great eats!

Er, I mean "Tres Bien" and "Merci."

What a solo feat for Owner & Executive Chef Stephan Ollard who was alone in the kitchen...serving as host, shaking those pots and saute pans and then presenting out front.

Our role was to sample the French fare and help spread the word about the cozy - and inexpensive - dining spot in the Whole Foods plaza on Houston Northcutt.

To our obvious - and vocal - delight, Chef Ollard kept bringing out plate after plate after plate! Delicious. Marvelous mixtures of textures and tastes. I have added Coco's to my "rotation" of weekly/monthly dining choices.

Middle of the week found me concluding my monthly 21st Century Photographer's Meeting and hopping in my car to head over to Maybank Highway for a taste of the blues.An early show at the Pour House featured Blues man Larry McCray and his band, on tour down from Michigan.

Normally, the PoHo doesn't start kicking with live music until 11pm but THIS 9:30 show opened to a happy, packed house.

Larry McCray, lead guitar and vocals,was backed by "One Name" Stanley on bass, brother Steve McCray on drums and Mike Lynch on keys. They were in fine form and there were plenty of dancers crowding down front.

I spotted locals Detroit Debbie and Gator Rob - the Cotton Blue Band - having a drink with McCray during a break and who later sat in for about four songs.

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At Wed Jan 14, 10:51:00 AM , Anonymous Eyebee said...

I must admit that I went along to Coco's expecting good food, but also expecting to see high prices on the menu.

Both Kathy and I were pleasantly surprised, and fully intend to dine there in the near future.


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