Thursday, February 14, 2008

Digital AND Film Cameras ....

The first meeting of the 21st Century Photography group met last night and 11 of us talked about cameras, darkroom experiences, Charleston area photo shoots and ...the next meeting. One member has already sent his RSVP for next month!

Purely as a social gathering, it was fun at the Madra Rua Irish Pub and Grill and many sampled the "Pub Grub" as well as a few pints. Well, I know I did.

As promised, everyone received an "official" Press Pass and, when asked where they could use it, I was reminded of years ago when my kid brother bought a wallet that had a dummy press pass for "The Continental Baseball League" in one of the picture sleeves.

He used it several times to get in free to see baseball games at the old College Park.

We kicked around a lot of ideas and agreed the next meeting place should have a separate room where we could face each other around a conference-type table instead of sitting at different tables and having little circles of conversation.

Also a Power Point video projector was offered for the March 12th meeting so each could bring his or her favorite pictures burned to a CD/DVD to share them on a large screen.

Our meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm - probably still in the North Charleston area. It looks like North Towne (Greek) Grill on Eagle Landing Blvd has what we need for a site and they've booked us into a private room. If you wish to attend, go to and check out the details.

Oh, and be sure to RSVP. It really helps the planning.

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