Monday, June 18, 2007

Hooray For H o l l y w o o d !

As some of you know from my blog, I just returned from a vacation that included Los Angeles and that meant spending some time in Hollywood.... Tinseltown .... the Dream Factory.

I had not been back there in more than 30 years so I don't know how long the sign has been on a hillside overlooking the San Fernando Valley, but it looked bright and clean and I thought it was a nice gesture to someone who worked at Universal Studios so many years ago, early in my career in California.

And, speaking of respect for the craft, most people arise from their seats when a movie ends, brushing popcorn from their lap, and stretch or chat with their friends as they shuffle down the row and head for the exit. Not me.

A lot of diverse talented people worked hard to make what is shown up on the big screen and they deserve our attention when their name is flashed or scrolled quickly past our eyes at the end.

I sit there and give them my kudos. And sometimes there is a "gag" reel or funny outtakes as an added bonus at the end!

Pirates of the Caribbean last night was a good example of paying homage to the cast and crew and CG artists and grips and 3rd assistant directors and best persons.

After all the credits had been projected, the movie started fresh - 10 years later.

Wow. We four people in the huge theater saved ourselves from waiting for the sequel.
The problems I had with the cop at Universal Studios now seemed insignificant.

He was just doing his job and I had discovered they served Boddingtons at an Irish pub at the Tour Center.

(Click on photos for details)

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