Friday, May 11, 2018

Suits me to a "T"....

Everywhere we look, there are signs.

Or ads.

Or messages.

And billboards.

Or names and team symbols on colorful jerseys.

80-inch flat screen television sets.

And, yes, beer names and labels.

This sign was in the ladies room at a new brewery that just opened in the Park Circle area.

The owner pointed it out to me when we chatted about Commonhouse Aleworks, the newest craft brewery in the area.

It's a sign of the times when a plea for help is not only solicited in a potentially dire situation, but assistance is offered.

They had other helpful reminders that were posted sort of tongue-in-cheek but this one was a serious attempt to help.

I did not check to see if a similar offer was posted in the men's room.

I did like the variation on Employee sanitation rules and a friendly suggestion to all of us.

We all see signs everywhere. I just happen to have a camera to capture them to share.

I now use my phone cam as a visual memo pad.

I was at a meeting, jotting down names on the attendance list when - DUH - I remembered, took out my phone and snapped a photo of the list.

At another meeting, shortly after I retired in 2004, I handed a printed card to an attendee.

He snapped a photo of it and then sent HIS electronic "card" to my phone.

I felt so old-fashioned!

I stopped by MUNCLE, one of my favorite new breweries, and saw they now offered their Belgium brews in tall cans (32 ounces).

That is called a Crawler (as in can) as opposed to a 64-ounce glass Growler which is a glass jug.

At least, in this case, the label is applied as another step.

The Crawler is a good way to take home two pints of a beer you like.

The rest of this posting is a variety of signs I've seen and snapped. Enjoy

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm packing for a several-weeks trip out West. Will post again when I get back.

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