Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Wish you were here...."

The new
North Charleston Mellow Mushroom greets you with a giant Vintage postcard.

It's message, in various forms throughout the new pizza eatery, is a profound "we are one."

Lean in closer to see the various little gems that were added by former Folly Beach artist Carl Janes.

All around are signs and symbols that we share a universe. Along with great pizza and craft beers.

Twelve clocks, showing various zones around the world, carry out the theme in a timely manner.

And, speaking of clocks, this newest of the Charleston Mellow Mushrooms, is the only one with an extra hour, a later bonus Happy Hour from 4-8 weekdays.

The new brightly-colored building is located near the Coliseum and the Performing Arts Center across from the Tanger Outlet stores in Centre PointeShopping Center.

I wandered over to a corner near the bar to check out a table made from an airplane wing.

I'm not sure if it came from Boeing, but I'm certain the new full-service restaurant is an added treat to the nearby aircraft workers, hotel guests, and patrons meeting before and after events and concerts.

Keep looking around the constructed-from-the-ground-up building and you'll see small, subtle reminders that you are near the Charleston International Airport.

The large postcard mural is painted over actual newspapers (find the crossword puzzle).

And, if you look closely, there even is a reminder that the owners are big Falcons fans*.

The open kitchen invites you to watch your pizzas and tasty calzones being made.

A very large staff throughout the restaurant ensures every diner's needs are being met by helpful, friendly, smiling faces.

Sitting at the long, long bar, you see familiar - and local - craft beers on tap.

I was told there are four bartenders and ample wait staff serving the bar area booths and tables.

I noticed the winking, blinking Disco Ball when I first entered.

Suspended from the ceiling, it is surrounded by 59 easily recognized classroom globes.

Another large touch by the artist/decorator Carl Janes.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

*And, here's a tip of the hat to team loyalty in a mural.

As I said, the huge postcard invites closer inspection.

Thank for stopping by my blog.

Be sure to drop into any of the Mellow Mushrooms to see more of the art of Carl Janes.

Oh, and try the House Special! Lots of meat and plenty of veggies.

I'll be there for Happy Hour.

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