Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Day With The Troops...

Well, at the 11th annual Battle of Charleston, you expect to see men in gray working their butts off loading and firing cannons. 
And muskets. 
And pistols.

They are aiming at guys in blue, who, as I heard someone say today, "are working for Union scale."

But, this year, it was more than JUST the War Between The States, The War of Northern Aggression or, even, the Recent Unpleasantness.
The organizers also included Robert E. Lee (David Chaltas, a reenactor and author from Kentucky) hobnobbing with Citadel cadets garbed in WWII outfits.

The "General" was all over Legare Farm this Saturday, encouraging his troops and staying in character throughout.

Also highly visible were Redcoats representing the Revolutionary war and German and American soldiers looking over wares together in a field "PX"  before performing drama from the "Battle of the Bulge" in World War two.

Back to the past. And some curious - and funny - juxtapositions.

One bonus for me on this day of military  time travel was the chance to once again hold in my hands a Garand M-1.

The last time was in 1960 when I turned mine in on leaving the Marines to accept a college scholarship.

I had forgotten they weigh about 10 pounds and are almost four feet long. And that's before you are told to "Fix bayonet"!

The ladies were there in their 1860s fashions and I was able to pose a situation that had gone through my mind before.

The reality of modern and historic coming to a head, so to speak.

She was gracious and smiling, and I think, the caption says it all.

I met 10-year old Bryson Boosinter at the front gate when I first arrived and, later, when he was drumming on the field of battle amidst the smoke and noise and falling bodies.

His parents checked to make sure all the elements of his uniform were correct, and in place, and off he went to march to his own drummer.

Taylor Glazier, 26, portrayed a private in the 3rd US Infantry, Company G, as he stood watch over the Civil War era campsite.

I caught him taking a sip of water from his canteen and joined in, screwing off the cap of my plastic bottle of natural spring water.

I ended my afternoon as the blue and the gray came together to "parlay" and fire some black powder volleys with their muskets.

There was at least another skirmish on tap but I needed to head home.

The whole show repeats again tomorrow at Legare Farm on Johns Island.

The weather was bright and sunny today and they forecast similar for Sunday.

The other "war" happens Sunday in the 49th Super Bowl so I'll be camped in front of the big screen tv. No hardtack, goobers, or Johnnie cakes for me.

It's pepperoni pizza time.

Soon we will not be a nation divided.

The Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots will prevail and peace will come to the land.

Did I mention I love pizza?

(Click on the photos for some amazing details.)

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