Sunday, December 21, 2014

One "UK" evening followed by The Blues...

Went to the the UK* the other night to perhaps have myself a Moscow Mule in it's distinctive copper cup.

Well, actually, I intended to introduce a friend to the signature drink served at The Rarebit.

He and I passed on the cool copper cup cocktail caper and focused more on their quirky menu. Take a look.

Note that the full menu is served only from 1pm to 10pm but the breakfast fare can be ordered from 10am until 1 am. Cool.

I had the country fried steak, with mashed potatoes and crisp green beans.

In conversation I referred to the area with all the expanding places along upper King Street as the UK. My friend liked that. "Don't believe I've seen that used before," he said, so maybe I coined it. In print.  On this blog.

The next night - Friday - I headed to Home Team BBQ in West Ashley. Back in the U.S.A.

I was eager to listen again to a Blues master, Steve Cheseborough, in from Oregon.

Had enjoyed his playing and authoritative banter about a year ago when he was a one-man show at Home Team.

Still dazzling with his knowledge of the major guitar players from the 1920s - 1930s, someone in the audience asked if he would play something by Taj Mahal.

Steve answered "I don't really know any of his songs but we both base our music on the same old timers...lemme see now..."

And he played a perfect Taj song, with credit to the original artist, Henry Thomas, 1874 - 1930, a Texas Blues pioneer. Yikes.

I recognized Fishin' Blues immediately from Taj's albums and live shows I had attended.

I wish I had jotted down some of the other songs Steve played and who he credited with creating them.

He honored quite an array of early Blues artists by presenting their authentic 20s and 30s sound.

He said his heavy, all-metal shiny National guitar was a challenge flying here. It was safely nestled above him in the overhead bin.

That meant it was part of his carry-on luggage and I have to wonder about the reaction from TSA at the airport as he presented his ID and boarding pass.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

The night before, while roaming around a few blocks of UK*, I bumped into Lee Barbour, another talented guitar player I admire and follow.

For example I know he is quite a ping pong player and not too surprised to meet him coming out of HoM.

If you don't know, they have two professional ping pong tables in the back.

Quite a change from all the pool tables usually seen up and down the street.

I asked how he fared in a recent tournament and he said he was pleased to have placed well in his talent level.

I've seen videos of him practicing and while playing in tournaments in New York. 

He asked if I played and I grinned and said I had bounced the ball a few times ..when I was in high school. 

That was long before Lee was born.

Now, even when I'm at Shem Creek or Goose Creek, I get along without a paddle.


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