Thursday, November 27, 2014

A-CHOO.....a-choo ...a-choo. And, that's 3.

 A common topic right now is the Common Cold.

Aah - Choo!

Some say that "sound" is short for  Autosomal Dominant 

Compelling Helioopthalmic 


In many cases, the response is "God 

bless you."

Like others around the Lowcountry, I have been working my way though many of the tiresome symptoms.

My doctor told me he had tried some over the counter meds and they helped him get some very much needed sleep.

Not quite through with this seasonal malady yet but can see the tissue box at the end of the tunnel.

I found that toilet paper is not the best thing to use for a runny nose absorption, but was better than a soggy handkerchief.

Kleenex is a registered trade marked name and I learned years ago in journalism class that it should have the-R-in-a-circle symbol

I have looked for a page of such symbols and, finally, gave up.

My intention was righteous.

These funny cartoons referring to the "Common Cold" all have a point to make.

And, as they say, laughter is good medicine.

Looks like we got a sunny break today for Thanksgiving gatherings and dinners.

But those with a head cold don't want to share that at a family gathering.

And those who have not been infected yet would just as soon pass.

In my case, it's Day 4 and I am feeling a bit more energetic.

Went for my semi-annual checkup yesterday and I called the doctor's office beforehand to say I have a head cold.

They said "it's going around" and they had flu masks available at the front desk.

I walked into the empty waiting room, donned a mask and sat back to check my phone for messages.

As others entered, they saw me in a mask and they got one to keep the protection shield working.

Group dynamics.

When the doctor thumped my chest and had me take several deep breaths, he said there were no rattling sounds inside me.

When I left, I kept the mask handy because I planned to stop at the grocery store.

It's not like it was going to be re-used for another patient!

With the mask on, people tend to keep their distance as you roll your cart past them in the store.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

I did stock up on navel oranges and some more aspirin.

And, yes, I had had my annual flu shot a few weeks ago.

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At Fri Nov 28, 11:12:00 AM , Blogger Joan Perry said...

Hope you feel better! I think I am going to live. Glad to have a long weekend though and the freedom to be a little lazy.


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