Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's Wednesday so it must be Awendaw Green!

Eddie White, a local dentist, is the founder of Awendaw Green.

He's there almost every Wednesday at the barn jams, walking around, talking to people and making them feel at home.

Tonight he was welcoming the crowd and introducing the next band.

This week there were three local acts and three from out of state.

The sign on the make-shift stage says it all "A Laid-Back Venue in a Laid-Back Town."

It was a cool evening, and dark when I got there, (about 52 degrees) but I had on a long-sleeve shirt and was comfortable.

Several bonfires were blazing and a burn barrel or two indicated where we were.

If you got chilled, heat was close by.

Saw stands in a row serving popcorn in large bags, cheeseburgers and wood-fired pizza.

Or maybe it just smelled wood-fired.

Saw a hint of the holidays up on the back of the stage.

Santa appearing before Thanksgiving. 

Even before Halloween.

Maybe he's there all year long, ready to sit in with his guitar?

I wandered around the chairs and picnic tables and swing sets. Looked over at a pretty elaborate playground for the kids.

Several chairs were suspended from the oaks on strong ropes and people lolled and enjoyed the music.

Had not thought to bring marshmallows. Other did though.

This was my first visit to Rocktoberfest, at the place Ed White had formed as a friendly gathering spot for friends and families to relax and enjoy year-round from 6 pm - 10 pm.

It's 15 miles north of Charleston, up Highway 17 north, next to the Seewee Outpost.

Eddie told me that on a summer night, more than 500 people would park nearby and walk a lighted path around  a small lake and take a seat.

You can bring your own chair and it's a BYOB kind of place.

A family can pack in their dinner and have an inexpensive good time under the stars.

A $5 donation is paid at the entrance. I read they used to pass a collection plate. This is probably more efficient.

Because I had arrived after dark, I had missed the first three acts: Well Worn Soles, Patterson Barrett and Circus Mutt.

I'll keep an eye out to see if they appear at another spot around town.

This is so relaxed, I wandered onto the edge of the stage to get a shot.

This is the hot keyboarder and lead guitar of "The Southern Belles," down from southern Virginia.

I noticed the group was all men and no ladies. Maybe the name was an old one.

Each set runs about 45 minutes so soon the stage was re-set for a raucous group from Brooklyn, New York, "Ted Hefko and The Thousandairs."

He sounded more New Orleans than Brooklyn or the Bronx and I caught him later to chat.

"Yes, I lived in Louisiana for 10 years but was born in Wisconsin. Now I'm in New York."

He started out playing the sax, switched to clarinet and ended shaking a tambourine. 

It was a good sound and a crowd-pleaser.

Ted came back and sat in with the last act of the evening The "Swampcandy" duo from Maryland.

Ed announced they had been here several times before, well received and had been added to the show at the last minute.

I noticed we went past the usual 10 pm close but fans stuck around for the added bonus set.

The fires had died down and the vendors had shut down their food service.

Being a BYOB, there was still a celebration feeling in the crowd.

I wandered around and saw signs and posters from past Wednesday evening events.

It had taken me quite a while to come up mid-week to enjoy the music and the rustic setting but I am glad I did.

I'll be back.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

So far, my teeth do not come out like the stars at night.

So far.

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