Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pin Up The Garage Calendar....

Saw a lot of these calendars when I was growing up.

Often in gas stations.

VERY often in auto repair shops and garages.

It was a back room item.

Varga Girl style.

This one I found among my Dad's stuff in his downstairs shop.

It shows a January 1941 calendar page.

Eventually one's eye gets down to that section of the calendar.

As part of a termite treatment for the house, I had moved boxes and stacks of stuff that hadn't been handled in decades.

"Move everything away from the interior walls," the termite guy had said.

I was seeing parts of the basement that had been covered up for a long time.

There was the minature railroad my Dad had set up.

He wasn't really "into" trains but something had caused him to act on a whim.

Over the years I've moved it around a few times. All the tiny engines and cars are in boxes.

It actually is supposed to go to my older brother who lives in Oklahoma. That's a long drive for a beat up train set.

But, back to the calendar.

It was in a very large thick envelope marked "The Clarion Line" by Newton Manufacturing Company in Iowa.

I went online and saw the company, founded in 1909, specialized in advertising promotion printed items.

The samples included huge scenics, patriotic views, Boy Scouts, etc.

They added the company name and shipped them out to clients.

I'm pretty sure I saw the Scouts in there.

I was distracted.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Sent an email to the company in Newton, Iowa about my find.

I asked if this really did date back to before WWII?

When I find out, it might be eBAY time.

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At Wed Mar 28, 05:26:00 PM , Blogger Rick said...

Now you're talking. Cheese cake from the old days.


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