Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh .... Remember THIS one?

"The passport [for my 16 year old daughter] was no problem and in late June we were cruising over the Atlantic at 34,000 feet headed for London.

She turned to me and asked "Do the British have a 4th of July?"

Interesting question! I launched into a long response about the American Revolution, the colonies vs King George, the original Tea Party and all the pent up emotion that caused our young nation to rebel.

"So they would hardly celebrate THAT in England," I ended.

Smiling, but trying not to laugh out loud, she answered "Well Dad, of course they have the 4th of July...and the 5th, the 6th, the 7th..."

For those of you keeping score, this is one of my few repeat blogs. It seemed timely so I re-ran an example from about this time last year of the clever Comedy Mind of Amy.

And, I should add, a few years later she started what has led her to be a successful stand-up comic/performer. Subdued humor? No, no, not at all!

Also - for the last 12 years - she has been respectfully known as Officer Amy.

That changed last month when she was promoted to Detective Boyd with the Fremont (California) Police Department.

Yes, it was appropriate to bring up her holiday comment again.

Proud to do so.

Happy 4th of July Detective! We celebrate that BIG over here.

(Click twice on the pictures to see a larger image. Usually that works.) The only down part of being retired is holidays don't really mean a day off. Yikes.

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At Sun Jul 03, 04:34:00 PM , Blogger Pixel Peeper said...

Hehe - your daughter has a great sense of humor! I have a British boss, and he took a few days off around the 4th of July to go on a cruise. Somehow, it just didn't seem right...

At Sat Apr 13, 09:43:00 AM , Blogger chuckography said...

That's my daughter,on the right, waving sparklers in the air. Nobody was harmed and nothing burned to the ground. I love comedy.


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