Saturday, May 17, 2008

Musical Countdown To Spoleto...

Todd Wolffe, down from NYC, by way of Pennsylvania, had us rockin' last night at A Dough Re Mi in Mt. Pleasant.

In keeping with my plan to talk mainly about acts you still have a chance to see, it was announced the trio will be on that same stage again in 3 weeks.

So circle Friday June 6 on your calendar now for a great evening that's NOT really part of Spoleto but offers several sets of raucous rocking and rolling.

Rev. Dr. Johnny Mac opened the 4th annual Blues By The Sea down at Kiawah last week but he is VERY active locally and you can catch him at clubs all over town.

Keep an eye out for his high energy music popping up somewhere soon.

My Spoleto/Piccolo/Fringe plans are in the works and 10 tickets have been ordered so far. Naturally I will have my camera with me but many places bar my simple camera - even if I shoot with no flash - but I am surrounded by crowds of people holding up their cell phones.

Must be an important call they want to share.

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