Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Well, I haven't really READ your blog yet...."

So I get a call from a free-lance writer in New York City who's working on a magazine article about older people using computers.

The editors of a national publication had received my story suggestion and it meshed with their thoughts on doing something about high tech 21st century senior citizens and here we were, talking back and forth on a Monday morning. I was being interviewed.

I told her it was about a year ago that I started my blog. Then I explained that "blog" is short for a web log and I post it on the internet.

"It's like writing a diary," I said, "but many people have the key to open it and read all that you want to include."

She asked what I wrote about and I said I was re-living some of the best years of my life through stories and old pictures. Days as a Marine Corps photographer, college and being a newspaperman in San Diego. The 1960s mainly.

We talked for a while and I asked if she had received all the material I had sent and if she had taken a look at my blog?

She said her computer had crashed over the weekend but she planned to get it up and running and then she would look at the 75 postings I had done since March of 2006. I asked when she had last backed up her files. There was a long silence.

As a helpful senior citizen with a computer, I mentioned that I back up my files about every 2-3 months.

Then I told her I knew how to land the Goodyear blimp in an emergency.

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At Thu Mar 08, 09:53:00 AM , Anonymous Mike said...

Chuck, hilarious post. I'll pass it along to all of my "senior" friends.

At Mon Mar 12, 09:01:00 AM , Anonymous Jason (SCPG) said...

This in stark contrast to the regular "schooling" I must give the 'rents on typicalities of the 21st century. Just great! I love it! Thanks for sharing Chuck, as it shows that computer literacy is something that can be had (and missed) at any age!


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