Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hey,wait a minnit..I heard this before..a few minutes ago.

Hey, here's an aside..in the middle of a Pandemic with closures and inconveniences...not to mention bars closed... I am pleading to LET me get a haircut!


It just keeps growing. I can't curtail or control what my feisty follicles are gonna do!

Oh, sure, my "alleged bald spot" is still uncovered way on the back of my head, where I can't see it, but the rest of my hairy head is..well, heavily hirsute and unkempt.

My several years-old beard is fairly easy to maintain in a trimmed and neat appearance but the rest...outta control ..especially after 90+ days of quiet compliance!

But, I digress.

This started out with a realization I have just heard on tv a memorable slogan by Liberty Mutual that has been highly visible on tv ads for some time now..."Only Pay For What You Need."

An insurance man with an unagreeable critter (LiMu the Emu) as his "associate," accepts a key to the city that is taller than he is and, in another tv ad, he waves down a speeding passing car with a plea "I Can Save You...and extends his rescuer's hand ..holding an insurance agent's business card..and adding he can save her "money... on insurance premiums!"

OK, it's cute in an odd sort of way and continues the stereotype of the aggressive insurance agent.

This is quite an old company. Has been around the block a lot.

I saw an ad for it in a November 23,1936 LIFE Magazine!

Lately, we have seen the "Struggling Actor looking for a break"...fumbling the simple lines in the tv ad.

"It's OK, we can dub it" says an off-screen voice and it runs with his lips out of sync with the spoken words.

Nowadays, the slogan is "Only Pay For What You Need!"

In fact, it is on tv enough times that when the slogan starts, we almost can say it aloud, along with the ad running.

BUT, I was faked out the last time I heard the catchy phrase.

It was advertising Verizon .

The Phone Company announcer clearly said: "Only Pay For What You Need!"

Can't think of any other time two entirely different national companies had the exact same slogan!

I just assumed I had heard it wrong but I started to jot it down, each time I heard it for either company.

Nope, I heard what I heard.

My particular phone carrier company happens to be T-Mobil and it's in the final stages of a massive merger with another phone industry giant NOT Verizon., 

Now I can't remember who's tagline line was "Can You Hear Me Now?"

This is a posting quite a bit off my beaten path but I hope someone can explain to me how an identical sales slogan can be shared by a phone carrier and a longtime Insurance Company.

"Maybe they can cover a lot of things because they've SEEN a lot of things."

OK, you know how this works here, click on the pictures - and any links - for more details

Thanks for stopping by. Stay home or wear a mask when among others. You are protecting THEM..hope they know and appreciate that!

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